In a Nutshell

QS WorldClass is a gathering for senior leaders from academia and industry from around the world to explore and discuss new paths in university-industry collaboration. In a resort setting and modelled after corporate-style retreats, QS WorldClass is a “world classroom” for sharing and learning from successful case studies around the world. QS WorldClass also provides ample opportunity for informal networking and reflection with experienced and knowlegeable peers. Its aim is to share ideas and help build the relationships needed to put them into action.

Logistically speaking, QS WorldClass consists of a social program on Day 1 which builds up to the Welcome dinner. Day 2 and Day 3 consist of expertly moderated seminars and discussions lasting until the afternoon of the third day, after which participants will typically have an opportunity to experience the host city and/or host institution.

In summary, if you are an senior academic or industry leader and serious about the management of university-industry collaboration, then QS WorldClass is the one event that should take precedent over all else on your professional calendar.

Organising Partner for 2020