In a Nutshell

Changes in university/industry interaction

People are now moving from “Physicality to a data-based world”. Hence, many companies today are acknowledging the need for change and are not against the idea of disrupting their sectors. They are keen to discover ways to alter their operation and business models and relook at how their future consumers will be like. Cord-cutting and over-the-top services are the way to go in today’s fourth industrial revolution.

Therefore, universities will have to do their part in adjusting the higher education system so that it meets the social needs by considering changes within partnerships between universities and industry partners. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) finds its place within the “knowledge economy” fields, it is necessary for universities to move forward and begin exploring a more flexible system where students can access learning whenever required. This change is much needed as more individuals seek to attain higher education throughout their career as means to keep up with the changing technological and industrial needs.

Having identified the challenges faced by the global higher education sector, and in tandem with its ultimate mission of guiding universities towards world-class status and excellence, QS WorldClass organisers and advisory committee have devised the seminar substance around the theme industry-university interaction, specifically “Changes in university/industry interaction”.

The QS WorldClass 2018 will be held from 16 to 18 April 2018 in Abu Dhabi in partnership with United Arab Emirates University. The three-day event also includes camaraderie-boosting activities.

Organising Partner for 2019

Dead Sea, Jordan