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Industry, Business and Higher Education Management and Governance

It has become imperative for universities to justify their institutional existence in parallel with the dynamism of the modern world economy. As a result, higher education institutions have had to reconsider their role in society and to evaluate their relationship with stakeholders – parents and students, academics, governments, NGOs and corporations.

As governments assign much greater roles to higher education and see universities as key drivers in a knowledge economy, higher education institutions have been indirectly compelled to develop links with industry and business in a series of new venture partnerships. This necessity for economic viability has encouraged the formation of initiatives to promote greater entrepreneurial skills as well as the development of new performative measures to enhance output and to establish and achieve targets. Universities, however, need to take great care when partnering with various stakeholders as such dealings may have important implications for their governance and accountability arrangements.

Having identified the challenges faced by the global higher education sector, and in tandem with its ultimate mission of guiding universities toward world-class status and excellence, QS WorldClass organisers and advisory committee have devised the seminar substance around the theme of industry-university interaction, specifically “Industry, Business and Higher Education Management and Governance”. For the third year in a row the seminar will gather university leaders as well as corporate executives to tackle the emerging issues of research-related governance, stakeholder management and graduate employability.

10th QS WorldClass will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, from 29–31 March 2017 in partnership with National Taipei University of Technology. The three-day event also includes camaraderie-boosting activities such as tennis friendlies etc.

Who Should Attend 10th QS WorldClass

  • University heads, vice chancellors, deans, registrars and other senior planners
  • Ministers of education, other senior ministers, and senior advisers/officers

Benefits for Delegates

  • Learn best practice for branding and marketing your institution through case studies and expert knowledge
  • Network with your university peers and key personnel of top corporate organisations in a relaxed and informal ambience
  • Gain insights into QS rankings of institutions, faculties and departments, as well as individual programmes and courses
  • Establish strategic ties with industry and initiate entrepreneurial activities

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